Workshop: Setting Goals and Targets in Pursuit of the SDGs

In this workshop by Future-Fit Foundation, you will learn how to use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to develop a systems-based view of your business.

Datum & Uhrzeit / Date & time
Donnerstag, 07.10.2021  –  Freitag, 08.10.2021
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Veranstalter / Organizer

Martin Rich, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Future-Fit Foundation

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Ambitious goals and targets are needed for companies to increase their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Benchmarks, such as the SDG Benchmarks of the UN Global Compact or the Future-Fit Business Benchmarks, can help companies to set corporate goals aligned with external standards, thereby taking an inside-out approach. What this means and why companies should take this new approach will be described in this workshop. This workshop is suitable for all companies, regardless of the status of their sustainability efforts. Not only does it constitute an opportunity to embark on the journey of becoming a truly sustainable business, but the workshop also gives participants a chance to question, stress-test and amplify already established efforts. At the same time, attending this workshop is a great way to prepare for the SDG Ambition program, as it will help companies identify blind spots and missing data.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Use the Future-Fit Business Benchmark to develop a systems-based view of your business
  • Establish priorities and steps needed to build a business aligned with the SDGs
  • Set ambitious and relevant SDG commitments to measure and report on achievements in a credible and compelling way

In addition:

  1. Understand how the business is contributing positively to the SDGs and where it might be inhibiting our collective progress toward these goals
  2. Learn how to use the Future-Fit toolkit to develop a clear view of business priorities and the steps required to align their strategy with this unified vision of the future

The online workshop will take place on 7 October 2021 [14:00 - 17:30] and 8 October 2021 [09:30 - 13:00]. The 2-day agenda can be found here shortly.

Information: This free of charge workshop will take place when there is a minimum number of participants.

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