Sustainability reporting is a central requirement for participation in the UN Global Compact. The UN GCG supports companies in various areas.

The Communication on Progress (COP) is an annual disclosure through which a business informs stakeholders about its efforts to implement the principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact.

More on the background

  • As the central component of the Global Compact's integrity measures, the COP's main objective is to serve as a public verhicle for information on sustainability performance. At the same time, the COP can be an effective tool for stakeholder dialogue and the sharing of the best and emerging practices. 
  • As a public document, the COP is an important demonstration of a company’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Failure to submit a COP on the Global Compact website will result in a change of participant status and can eventually lead to the expulsion of a business from the initiative.
  • The submission of a COP enhances stakeholder access to information about a participant’s sustainability performance.

Support through the UN Global Compact Network Germany:

The UN GCG supports companies and other organizations in preparing reporting to the UN Global Compact through the Communication on Progress (COP) and Communication on Engagement (COE).

In addition, the UN GCG offers information on current topics such as SDG Reporting or the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Reporting Requirements Business

The UN Global Compact requires participating companies to produce an annual Communication on Progress (COP) that details their work to embed the Ten Principles into their strategies and operations, as well as efforts to support societal priorities. Learn more about the COP.

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Reporting Requirements Non-Business

The UN Global Compact requires participating non-business organizations to produce a Communication on Engagement (COE) that discloses specific activities that a non-business participant takes in support of the UN Global Compact every two years. Learn more about the COE.

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