Corruption exists in various forms in almost all companies, industries and countries. Increased business and transaction costs, distorted competition and reduced economic growth are just some of the consequences. Through compliance, viz. adherence to the rules, companies can act against fraud, bribery, extortion and other forms of corruption.

The Principle

1Principle 10
Companies should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

The tenth principle was added to the UN Global Compact in 2003; it is based on the UN’s Convention against corruption, ("UN Convention Against Corruption" (UNCAC)). It has meanwhile become an integral part of the work of the DGCN.

Support through the DGCN

In the case of the Anti-Corruption, the Network cooperates with the Alliance for Integrity and Transparency International and relies on the internationally-recognised, three-stage approach to preventing corruption. This approach minimises corporate and macroeconomic risks through internal, external, and collective measures.

Drei-Stufenansatz zur Korruptionsprävention

Participants can thus

  • enable fair competition and therefore economic development.
  • prevent increased business and transaction costs.
  • reduce business risks and avoid fines and imprisonment, compensation payments, exclusion from tenders, capital market sanctions and massive reputational damage.

Our offers

  • For beginners: Are you just starting to tackle the prevention of corruption? The Guide with theoretical backgrounds and experience reports from companies offers you an introduction and the first helpful ideas for the implementation of compliance in your organisation.
  • For users: Do you want to expand your activities? Regular webinars and regional training courses on the prevention of corruption provide practical approaches on how to strategically anchor this topic in the company. You have access to an international platform via the Alliance for Integrity
  • For experts: Is compliance already established in your company? Are you curious about the experiences of other companies? If so, you can exchange information in our working groups about e.g. sponsoring via Good Practices and processes.

Good Practices


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