New release: „Corporate Climate Action - A step-by-step guide for companies“


Our guide for effective and holistic corporate climate action is now available in English. It aims to support companies in improving their climate performance and offers concrete information, approaches and tools.

The strategic relevance of meaningful corporate climate action is steadily increasing. With the rising number of ever more concrete international and national requirements (e.g., the Paris Agreement and the introduction of reporting obligations on environmental, social and governance issues, such as the CSR Directive within the EU), expectations from various stakeholders are also growing. Pursuing the effective and holistic management of climate risks and opportunities is the foundation for the continuous improvement of climate performance and thus a key step towards addressing these challenges.

There already exists a plethora of publications and guidelines on climate action, GHG management, GHG reporting, energy management and GHG accounting. Due to the wide range of topics and the sheer scope of relevant publications, companies wishing to manage their climate risks and opportunities unassisted often run into difficulties.

Therefore, the goal of this publication, published in cooperation with the sustainable AG, is to provide companies with concrete instructions on how to analyze and reduce GHG emissions in a strategic and holistic way.

Steps towards meaningful corporate climate action.

It aims to offer companies specific information, approaches and tools for introducing meaningful corporate climate action in a step-by-step manner. Wherever possible, reference is made to tools, guidelines, databases and standards in an effort to provide the user with the largest possible collection of support material.

The digital version of the publication can be found here.

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