The newly published English version of the German Global Compact Network’s business guide on human rights grievance management supports companies to understand and implement effective operational-level grievance mechanisms.

Grievance mechanisms are a core component of human rights due diligence, as laid out in the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) as well as theGerman National Action Plan seeking to implement the UNGPs. Grievance mechanisms are instrumental in facilitating access to remedy for those whose rights were negatively affected by companies’ activities, while also generating important insights to feed back into companies’ risk management and due diligence processes. Effective grievance management is thus in the interest of both rightsholders and companies.

The German Global Compact Network’s business guide is designed to assist companies in reviewing and enhancing their human rights grievance management with a view to bringing it in line with the effectiveness criteria contained in the UNGPs. Doing so, the guide
  • Helps companies understand and map their own “ecosystem” of grievances, including an overview of potentially affected groups;
  • Assists in identifying existing grievance channels within the company and in assessing their effectiveness; and
  • Presents approaches for the continuous improvement and monitoring of grievance mechanisms. 
The business guide is also available in German.

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