27. Juni 2017 | Business Coaching: How to do Business with respect for Children's Rights?

Have you thought about how your company impacts children or how to manage those impacts? Have you considered a child rights angle in your sustainability work? In your supply chain? And how about when marketing your products? Or in your social investment strategy? This training will equip participants and their companies with necessary tools to better understand and manage their impacts on children.


Deutsches Global Compact Netzwerk (DGCN) c/o GIZ GmbH Reichpietschufer 20 10785 Berlin

UNICEF, DGCN, twentyfifty ltd.

UNICEF, the German Global Compact Network (DGCN) and twentyfifty ltd. are pleased to invite you to attend the second rollout of a UNICEF global training package addressing the steps businesses can take to manage their impacts on children, and to integrate children’s rights into their business processes.


  • Draw on international frameworks, standards and tools, which are relevant to business in relation to children’s rights
  • Understand how a child rights focus can be incorporated into companies’ due diligence processes
  • Learn how to set up an impact assessment incorporating children’s rights;
  • Proactively identify and engage with affected children and their representatives
  • Explore how to integrate your company’s commitment and practicable mitigating actions into its corporate policy, principles, programs and reporting
  • Understand how to design effective grievance channels for children


  • Background on integrating a child rights perspective into specific corporate management processes
  • Discussion on practical steps, application challenges and strategies for success
  • An opportunity to reflect on your own business through a child rights lens
  • Examples and exercises based on real case studies 

Target Group

The course is open for businesses from all countries, sectors and sizes. Ideally, participants will have a good understanding of the broader business and human rights framework.

Please note that the training will be held in English.

For further information please contact philipp.bleckmann@giz.de.

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