11 November 2016 | Business Coaching: "Make Responsible Business – Getting Started with Human Rights Due Diligence"

One-day Business Coaching for German Subsidiaries and their Suppliers in India.

Indo-German Chamber of Commerce 403, Shah Sultan, 4th Floor Cunningham Road Bengaluru 560052 India

DGCN, Global Compact Network India, twentyfifty ltd.

India is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide holding numerous opportunities for investors. Despite rapid growth, German companies operating in India are faced with a number of sustainability challenges such as bribery and corruption, discrimination, inadequate working conditions in the supply chain and environmental degradation. Increasingly, governments, investors and shareholders, business partners, civil society and consumers expect companies of all sizes to have human rights due diligence processes in place to know and show that they respect human rights. The upcoming German National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAP) will clarify expectations towards German companies including their subsidiaries and supply chains. Similar processes have started in other countries, e.g. the UK Modern Slavery Act.

To support German companies operating in India and their business partners in implementing these expectations, the Global Compact Network Germany will pilot a cross-sectoral introductory training.

Target group

Managers interested in / responsible for CSR, sustainability, procurement, strategy, compliance/corporate governance, human resources, product safety, local liaison officers

The training will:

  • Give an overview of the expectation on companies to conduct human rights due diligence including linkages with major sustainability frameworks and trends in India
  • Introduce five practical steps companies can take to get started
  • Provide examples of activities chemical companies can undertake and what companies in the sector have done to make progress on their sustainability journey, with a specific focus on risk management and mitigation measures addressing child labour, discrimination and community impacts in the Indian context
  • Answer your questions on the topic

The training will be held by Luke Wilde, CEO of management consultancy twentyfifty ltd. and Rishi Sher Singh from Advisory for Sustainable & Responsible Business (ASRB). twentyfifty has over a decade’s experience of helping multinational companies and their global value chains to understand and manage social impact using a human rights framework.


Philipp Bleckmann
Global Compact Network Germany

Larissa Dietrich

Flyer Business Coaching

Flyer Business Coaching
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