30. Oktober 2018 | Coaching: Putting principles into practice: Securing long term business success through enhanced social sustainability in your operations and supply chains

Corporate responsibility is an increasingly important factor for businesses wishing to succeed in a competitive and interconnected world. This one-day course offers a practical introduction to social and human rights issues for businesses.


Cluster Développement Economique Durable et Promotion de l’Emploi Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Rue Ile de Falaika, Cité Les pins Imeuble HBG (1er étage) Les berges du Lac 2 1053-Tunis/ Tunisie

Global Compact Network Germany

Why take this course: Benefits of participation

After this course, participants will

  • Understand why human rights are relevant for their business and what is expected from responsible companies;
  • Be able to identify and prioritise the most important human rights issues;
  • Have a practical understanding of what kind of steps can be taken to respond to risks;
  • Be able to better react to their customers’ demands with regard to sustainable supply chains.

What’s in this course:
Training contents and formats

This is an interactive training, offering multiple opportunities for participants to share experiences and develop practical solutions to common challenges. It combines information sessions with structured group exercises, facilitated by experienced trainers.

The course provides an introduction to

  • social impact and human rights due diligence (according to the UN Guiding Principles and the German National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights and other relevant frameworks like the SDGs and Global Compact);

Discusses the

  • business benefits associated with adopting a proactive approach to social sustainability and respect for rights;


  • practical approaches and tools for companies to identify, prioritise and manage risks in their own operations and supply chains.

Who should take this course: Target group

  • Companies from all sectors;
  • Senior delegates and decision-makers responsible for managing community relations, HR, supply chains, compliance, as well as sustainability and CSR functions.

Participation in the training will be free of charge.

If you have further questions, please contact Philipp Bleckmann: Philipp.Bleckmann@giz.de

Global Compact Network Germany
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